Autodesk Pixlr App Reviews

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Makes the photos look bad.

When you first add a photo from the computer, it looks way worse in the app, compared to Preview on Mac.


Not user friendly at all. What a waste of my time

SORRY…BUT need to go outside app, ONLINE to get all effects??? I can’t work online so this is USELES

Need to fo online to get effects..ALL, doesn’t even have a LIGHT version to use offline. What a bummer. Should state so in description!

Wonderful! Just what I need!

Just what I need! This app lets you do anything! You can change the color, put sparkles, just what I needed! I highly recommened people to get this app! The frames and the overlays are the best and I love it! Its so cute and easy to use! All you do is import your picture then start decorating! I tried many photo editors and I think this is the best one yet!

Great Tool

As i know already other products by Autodesk, i had no doubt that this product would be a useful tool again. To me, it fits my needs i have inbetween. The workflow is excellent and the results are awesome. Thanks again, Autodesk !

not working any more

used it for some time, super app. then stopped working, cant open it in months. had always used it on mac, please repair!


Great little tool! Only complaint: the controls are sometimes quite laggy. Other than that, its easy to use, quick and has great results.

Nice, but...

…two things bug me. 1. The app opens taking over your entire window. You can re-size it, but then, closing and re-opening the app, it goes back to it’s default. Working with folders or items on the desktop means this manual fiddle every time. No obvious means to set Preferences - or operate in a way that is standard for other app windows. 2. Attached to this, the tools icons on the left side of the screen - you can hide them and just use the toolbar controls, but again, they return the moment you close / re-open the app. The placement of the tools icons is an issue if, like me, you have your Dock on the left side - to take advantage of the 16:9 format on the MacBook Air. And again, no way of setting these tools to remain off or move to another location in the window. As for the app itself - in its Starter form its okay, but doesn’t offer much in basic photo manipulation over and above Preview or iPhoto, so do you really need it? Some bells and whistles and the Essentials kit adds more, but would I ever use them? Also, some of the sliders in the basic controls particularly are less than subtle.

not bad

its not to bad lots of filters

Amazing *.*

This App saved my life for Photography class , its amazing i love this app :)

Autodesk Pixir

Downloaded this. Looks Interesting. I start a pic but change my mind want to choose a different pic. I cant figure out how to delete this one I start. No real instructions, trial by error. Even the support page looks daunting. Memberships no thanks. It was is free. A plus. That’s where it ends Thanks though It probably is a good app.

Great Little App

Immediately responsive, with instant undo, enables you to experiment and be creative. Nowhere near as complex as Photoshop or even Pixelmator, Pixlr is perfect for the qick image changes you need, yet still has plenty of depth and robust features to really express yourself artistically. Some marvelous effects (though I still haven’t figured out how to duplicate the main promo pic where the stars are in the road). There are tutorial videos at the developer’s site and links for those appear when you first start the app. Unfortunately, I’m quickly learning that almost all the “Free” apps have something ELSE they want to also sell you, but this one has a fairly powerful assortment of tools available in the free version. I’ve yet to see the option pop up to purchace the Pro package, but they mentioned in tutorial video. The Bokeh or Blur effect is excellent, as is the Splash color isolation tool. The variety of cinematic style effects and textures can really add some dramatic image changes to your photos. Refreshingly easy to learn (the whole experience is rather playful), yet the end results are pro-level magazine quality. Thanks to the developers and Apple for generously making this available.

Fix The App

First of all, the text size began to stop working and the app quit whenever I clicked on it. Second, now whenever I try to click on a filter, style, etc., the app crashes. I loved it but it just doesn’t work anymore

Love it.

I always have fun when I use this app. Most often I use the mobile version on my phone, but it’s great on my iMac too. When used with restraint it’s a wonderful way to add a bit of and style to photos (you can throw restraint out the window and go nuts with layering, borders, text and stickers too). I especially like how quickly I can create a collage with the built-in collage layouts, and add text in seconds. It’s the perfect app for me to quickly edit an image before posting it to FB or Instagram.

Best photo editor!!

The first time I’ve used this was for the extension on Google Chrome, and I loved it. When I got my first iPhone, I installed it right away and now it’s great news that I can use this app locally on my Mac!! There’s so much excellent filters and editing tools, more than you can expect from a free app. Anyone on this page right now, I really reccomend you to download this photo editor straight away, it’s so much easy, beautiful, and customizable than any other editors out there.


Not starting Crushing

True Magic

I’ve not seen such a great amount of filters for a looong time! Thx for your help in turning my daily and down-to-earth pics into the enigmatic and fairy-like ones.

Doesnt do much

This is application is significantly less capable than the browser app of the same name online. If you want to apply canned effects and very minor touchups to photos, this is ok. If you want to edit a photo to replace your best friends head with the head of a moose, youll be better served elsewhere.


This is an app rental. If you want to use any of the good features, you’ll need to pay…. forever. There are many filter apps you can buy one time, and use as long as you want. Also, I tried adding some effects, and the resoution of the effects was poor quality. It wasn’t HiDPI or even as high as the resolution in my digital picture. DO NOT USE!!!


I actually have a question. on the free version are the effects that come with it free? or are those cloud icons meaning to buy?

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